Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween (a day late), and is it really NOVEMBER!?!?

We are a little behind in celebrating our usual Halloween traditions.  The kids did their trick-or-treating last night, but the pumpkins have not been carved, and the sugar-cookie dough is still wrapped in waxed paper in the fridge waiting to be rolled, pressed, and decorated into jack-o-lanterns and ghosts.

And this is why:

 (I took this from inside the house this morning, it is just too cold to set foot outside before the morning coffee has been finished.)
A newly stained shed, two coats.  

And this, a newly expanded garden fence.  
We went out to the right one section, and came 2 sections towards the house.

It was a mad dash to get the stain on before the weather went into the 30's at night, and boy did we just make it!  Do you like my blue door?  I agonized over that one for about 24 hours before deciding to go for it.  I am so glad I did!  (It is a very close match to the paint on my front door, though one will never see both at the same time since the back of the shed faces the street.) 


I am a day late, but happy Halloween just the same!!
(It is almost cookie time here at my house.)

Edit:  As sit here under my blanket this morning reading the blogs, waiting for the heat to warm the house my dog keeps chucking a pheasant head in my lap.  Lol.  Nothing like a slobbery decapitated head being thrown your way over and over again.  If you look closely to the right you may see the beast with her nose close by, just waiting for me to chuck what she has brought camera just happened to be here, so I thought I would share a slice of life with a labrador with you all.  :)


Lorie said...

Kelly, the newly stained shed looks wonderful. It is a pretty sight to see out your window on a cool fall morning. You garden looks good too. Oh, How I wish we could have a pretty fence like that, but the seer here are relentless, they would be over it in a flash. So, for now we will stick to our ugly but inexpensive and effective fencing. After all, it's the harvest that's important. Someday.....

Kids are adorable in their costumes!

Michelle said...

The shed looks so cute and I love the blue door!! I'm excited for your garden expansion...I might need one in my future, as well, since ONE tomato plant took over a quarter of the garden this year. It was crazy!!

Erin said...

That pheasant head made me laugh! We dog-sat for another Aussie and while he was here he took it upon himself to de-stuff all of my dogs' toys, and ruined Sprocket's favorite one - a loon. So now she runs around with just the wing in her mouth, it's pathetic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors on the shed! And the expanded garden, nice! (we never carved pun'kins either!)

Kelly said...

Lori- I love the look of your garden, all natural and rustic......what mine would like if I had more open space and a backyard that wasn't forest. :)

Thanks Michelle, I am happy with how the shed turned out. My husband said I made it all girly. (Eye roll).

Erin- I was amazed that you actually get to wash dog toys, mine never make it long before being dismantled piece by piece. Poor Sprocket, she actually took care of her toys! ;)

Erin said...

That was the ONLY toy Sprocket took care of, LOL... and her normal diet consists of Legos and shoes :)

Thomas said...

Great costumes! I hope the kids had a great time. Pretty soon, you won't have any lawn left. Yay!

Dani said...

Everything looks so pretty Kelly!

Maggie and Jiggs live to snuffle Elizabeth's stuffed animals. Last time it was one of her build-a-bears. Ugh.