Monday, November 8, 2010

Let it......snow!

**(I must ask that you pardon my picture.  I had oral surgery on Friday and am heavily medicated, lol,- so I found the nearest window and snapped a quick photo.)**

We went from a late first frost, to an early first snow fall.
 My daughter said she heard Santa's reindeer last night.  
My son started shouting "Yay!  Christmas is here!".
I am thinking about the lack of straw cover on my strawberries.
The white stuff has caused quite a ruckus in my house this morning.


Erin said...

Wow! And so it begins....! My kids would be bouncing off the walls too, and I admit the first snowfall never ceases to make me smile!

Dani said...

Elizabeth would be all smiles too. She's only seen snow once when we visited my sister in Conn.

thyme2garden said...

First snow is always so special, isn't it? We got our first snow on Friday, although ours didn't really stick at all. It looks like your snow was a bit heavier than ours in Indianapolis.

Glad the kids enjoyed it, even though you were appropriately worried about your strawberries!

p.s. wish you a speedy recovery from your oral surgery!

Ruralrose said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering some . . . the words "oral surgery" make me cringe . .

I have never covered my strawberries, so don't worry too much. No snow here yet, this is the longest I have ever gone without snow, the last was in February. I almost miss it. Grapes aren't ready yet so we can wait. Thinking of you for a speedy recovery. . . peace

Thomas said...

How strange. I didn't even know that it had snowed in parts of MA. It still have to plant my garlic! Yikes!

Megan said...

That snow can stay away from here as far as I'm concerned!

Kelly said...

Thomas-My husband mentioned something about there being a change in the fronts, so it rained further North where it would normally snow, and we got the white stuff down here on the coat. Total opposite of what usually happens, lol. We got a kick out of it!

(Did you at least get the sleet?)