Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Plans and Storage Crops

I have been sketching out plans for the 2011 garden already since we need to build some new beds, and I am still lacking space (of course- is it ever enough?).  This means I must prioritize what I want to grow, and weigh that against what I should grow.  Taking stock of what I have sitting in my pantry yesterday was insightful, and it will help me assign crop space for next year .  There is a decent amount of food put by in canning jars and freezer bags as well, though much of it is fruit we picked elsewhere.  I have herbs, kale, green beans, tomatoes/tomato products, pesto, raspberries, and currants from my own garden stashed in the freezer.  Relishes, sauces, jams etc. are on the shelves, but it is the for a pantry I am interested in.  Those high calorie, get-you-through-the-winter roots.

Here she is, my mixed bag of tricks "pantry":
 China, stem-ware, animal chow, and dirty vegetables!

Now for the walk through.....what is left of my globe onions:
(I am not going to bother growing these next year,
 space is at a premium and onions I can buy anywhere.)
Garlic braids are hanging, and I also have an allium drawer with shallots, a few heads of garlic,
 and more red onions, some of them globe, some of them a long heirloom variety:
(Onions are not my best crop.)
Next are the potatoes, and they are everywhere.  The bag holds my fingerlings, 
and the box holds potatoes from a friend's garden.
This drawer has Purple Viking, Keuka Gold, Red Cloud, and Russets:
And that is it.  No winter squashes from my garden unfortunately.  I have made peace with the need to just buy them from others.  A friend and I split a bushel of butternuts from a local farm, so I have a small stash to admire and cook up as I please (and an acorn with a price tag, sigh):

So would you all make my week and post what you have for storage crops, and how you store them?
Canned goods and stocked freezers are always fun to see too.
Share your thoughts on the amounts you grow, what you are pleased with, and what you would like to improve upon.  Winter will quickly be upon us and we will dreaming of digging the earth again come spring, so link your posts in the comments section and show us whatcha got!!


Bangchik said...

We don't have much in storage because we just moved house from Putrajaya to Kelantan, some 400 km away. We took along a little bit of this and that to test the new garden, which includes lemon grass, pandan, ginger, tumeric, banana seedlings and many many other seeds.... Cheers, happy gardening ~bangchik

Engineeredgarden said...

Well, I still have plenty of butternuts and sweet potatoes in storage, and of course TONS of canned things from the garden. No more space will be added next year, but a few things will be done differently.

Kelly said...

Bangchick- you garden ingredients are so different than mine, it is interesting!! Best of luck in the new house & garden.

EG- Are you looking to cut back on some crops and up the quantities on others?

Erin said...

unfortunately, due to the heat and humidity here, things don't store well. The only things I successfully store are garlic and shallots, and even with those I have to go through the mesh bags once a month to remove those that are starting to rot. My potatoes just stay in the fridge until eaten, and my onions get chopped or sliced into rings and go into the freezer with all the other produce.

thyme2garden said...

Wow, your winter stash is quite impressive! I can tell you that I have nothing in the way of a winter stash, not even a single jar of canned anything. Can you tell I'm a first year gardener? :) I'm definitely getting lots of inspiration from you and the others here, though!

Lorie said...

Kelly, you are one organized gal. Great work!

meemsnyc said...

I love how you store your potatoes and onions. Nice! My onions didn't grow very well either. I still have some seeds I need to use up and then I don't want to grow onions again. It's not worth it. We did a bit of canning and store the potatoes in the basement.

Ruralrose said...

Very impressive! I can't grow big onions either. Although I put full time effort into it, I only put up 50% of what was anticipated. The weather was the challenge, too wet for some, too cold for others. Peace

Ruralrose said...

PS I have some of the onion and leek seeds from you growing under a light, I hope this will give me a good head start next year. Peace