Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank-Goodness for Recycled Materials

Occasionally over the years a truck bed full of discarded cobbles gets delivered to my yard.  That makes me VERY happy.  Then there is Manny (I refer to him as 'my fairy-garden father' in my own head).  His tree-cutting labor, advice, and piles of delivered loam and compost have helped every landscape project we have ever done come together better.  He is the deliverer of juicy summertime watermelons too.  Oh, and that box of potatoes you all saw back in the recent pantry post.  I mention Manny because his piles of dirt once again helped us out this weekend as we created some planting space in (and outside) the garden.

As anyone who read my last post knows, I am running out of planting space for next year.  We bought more fence to expand the growing area.  We sketched out and staked out some various bed options, and this what we decided on yesterday:

A long run utilizing most of the newly created space, with room for the permanent coldframe(s) left at the end.

And a new allium bed, which had to go outside of the fence.  I will deal with keeping dogs out come spring, most likely with an inexpensive, low, mesh fencing/border type material.  We made sure to lay the cobbles in a way that allow us to add one more standard fence panel and enclose it with the rest of the garden if need be in the future.  Utilizing the cobbles and donated dirt/compost meant building these beds required no out of pocket cost (YAY!) other than the peat I will need to go out and buy this week in order to keep building the 'lasagna' layers.  That is a very good thing.

So, to sum it all up we ran two new cobble beds that still need fillin' and hillin'.  The dirt will require hilling within the cobbles so I can get 6-8 inches of depth in the beds.  Here is a shot of the whole garden from above (note the extra fence panel at the back-right corner along the edge of the cobbles, that is where we may need to move the border to next year):

This new square footage will allow me to grow more than peas and greens for next year (though not much more), and in 2012 I will be in good shape when I sow my garlic in the new allium bed vs the  space it is in now.  (I hope to post a sowing list and planting sketches soon for my own reference.)

To think this is what we started with a couple of years ago; much smaller, yet somehow I still grew quite a variety.  I guess my blog title was a bit of an omen, lol:

I am so thankful for the ability to keep my garden growing.


Thomas said...

Wow, what a difference between what you had then and now. I'm sorry that you won't be able to grow as many tomatoes next year. I'm planning on growing half as much next year by choice as I waaaay overdid it this year.

I'm sure you will find ways to fit more in. How about earth boxes along the inside of the garden fence?

Kelly said...

Potato bags going inside along the fence Thomas, I have 10 of them! Outside the fence is low on sun. :)

I will be able to grow 4 tomatoes, which will be enough to keep us eating fresh all summer, plus dry/roast some for the freezer I *hope*.

Engineeredgarden said...

Just make sure you don't make it too big to take care of. lol. Mine really gives me quite a workout...

Sue said...

Well, now I KNOW there is room for carrots in that new bed!

It's all looking so nice. You're lucky to have someone like Manny.
I have a fella giving me donkey doo twice a year. Slowly but surely, that sand of mine is turning into something better!

Erin said...

I knew you would find a way! I grab all my "broken" bamboo stakes, there's usually a million, and just jab them in everywhere, it will keep the dogs out and actually looks nice too!

Kelly said...

Well the new space still only leaves me with 100 square feet for planting (not counting the allium bed), so the plan is still for only 4 tomatoes, and one pepper as previously mentioned.....maybe you readers are missing the fact that almost all of the old garden is already planted for the next year- though I love how much faith you have in my somehow squeezing it all in!! :)

I like your bamboo idea Erin. If we need to fence it it will be because the 4-legged boys keep lifting their legs on it. Ewe.

Erin said...

ah yes.... I only have girl dogs so I "forgot" about the whole leg-lifting thing LOL!

LynnS said...

Really neat garden area. I see open space up to the tree line.....Is that next year's goal? :-)

Kelly said...

Oh how I wish Lynn, space to the tree line, but not sun. :(