Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Spring Peas

I have sown three varieties of peas so far this year: Sugar Snap, Sugar Ann and Green Arrow. The Sugar Ann were started indoors back in March. Following germination (almost 100%) they went off to the cold frame for a week of hardening off before being put in the ground on April 5th. Both Sugar Ann and Sugar Snap were direct sown starting the 4th week of March and every week or two since then.

I was able to harvest a few peas from the S.A. plants that were started indoors this week, YUM! This variety is dwarf growing only 24" tall so does not require staking. It will be interesting to compare the yields to the full size vines.

I have already ordered a second round of sugar snap peas seeds since I will use my cuurent supply up before the fall planting begins. I am trying to squeeze in some of the dwarf variety anywhere I can realizing how quickly they will disappear off the vine and into my mouth.

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