Monday, May 25, 2009

Name That Bug

Hmmm......This little fella has been caught creeping around on my tomatoes.

Can't find him in 'Good Bug Bad Bug' and it is one of the strangest bugs I have ever seen. Looks like a shell with antennae.


Anonymous said...

Yuck. Looks like a clavate tortise beetle. I've never seen one of these (and hope I never do!).
Kathy (from Skippy's Garden)

Glynis said...

Ooerr, weird one. I use this place to find the bugs we get in Cyprus as they are diff to UK.
You prob already know about it, but here is the link anyway. :)

Kelly said...

Thanks ladies!! I searched high and low trying to find an ID on this thing yesterday including an e-mail to the after not seeing it on their site.....maybe I just missed it. Clavate tortise beetle it is.