Monday, May 25, 2009

Melons and Beans

Lots of melon and bean varieties were sown today. We are having to be creative with the melons since my original plan of trellising them up on the deck was foiled when we realized today that the containers were not getting enough sun. The larger trees have really spread their canopies over the last year, so, new plan- dog kennel set up in the side yard next to the remaining heap of compost we bought from the horse farm.

I planted three Eel River Muskmelon seedlings (90-100 days) that were succession sown over the last 2-6 weeks in the sides of the pile and scattered a motley crew of seeds (Early Silverline, Noir des Carmes, Green Nutmeg, Savor Charentais, all 75-80 days) over the top and watered them in. They are all under row cover, hoping they will get enough sun and the heap will provide lots of juicy heirloom melons come August and September.

One container was also planted for the kennel using 2/3's potting mix, 1/3 compost and 1 1/2 cups Azomite. Black plastic mulch and row covers are being used to provide warmth and to keep the bugs at bay.

Bean varieties sown today:
  • Fin de Bagnol Shoestring, Bush
  • Empress Snap, Bush
  • Hutterite Soup Bean, Bush
  • Sultan's Golden Crescent, Pole
  • Pencil Pod Wax, Pole

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