Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CSA Starts Next Week!

Our 1/2 share CSA pick-up begins next week. This size share is listed as feeding 1-2 people (example of 1 week's 1/2 share in photo), I have often regretted not getting a full share for our family, BUT I am the only true veggie lover and we will have some produce from the kitchen garden if all goes a 1/2 share it is. They have unfortunately decided not to do bread this year due to all of the special requests from past shareholders, I guess some people just can't be happy with a homemade loaf, go figure. Next week's pick-up will include the following:
  • fresh, free range eggs
  • salad greens
  • strawberries
  • kale
  • cheese
  • kohl rabi

I need to do some investigating on the kohl rabi, that will be a first for our household. This is where I am hoping all of those vegetarian and seasonal ingredients based cookbooks I have acquired will come in handy. I will of course post any recipes I find interesting or 'taste test approved' for my own future reference and for you few fab followers out there.


Erin said...

hmmm...I personally don't like kohlrabi, but I did come across a recipe last week that made me want to give it another go - I will try and track it down and post it for you!

Kelly said...

Awesome, that would be great! (The CSA keeps writing it as "kohl rabi" but I have always seen it as one word in the know it as 1 word as well, they must have done a typo.)