Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tomato Talk

This is the first Juliet to ripen. The flavor was good but its size is closer to a cherry than a plum. Will I be surprised by the miniature plum tomatoes that continue to come or is this a temporary consequence of a cold and rainy Spring? I have never experienced a fuzzy tomato before, but it was easily removed with a swipe of the thumb.

I may have ruined this Big Beef with the nylon. I was trying to be proactive and prevent any small creatures from enjoying the ripe tomato before me, but all the rain and it's tight cover left behind some scars. I picked it, not being convinced it was going to ripen on the vine at this point. This tomato has spent months growing, and hanging, and being green.
The Sungold tomatoes are so delicious, I wish I could pick more than one at a time. All of the plants are growing fruit with the exception of the Yellow Pears. They seem to be on their own schedule and have just begun to flower.

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Erin said...

I, too have tons of green tomatoes that are taking a long time...none have ripened yet. And my pinot noir bell peppers have a ripe purple color but are the size of a plum might be onto something with the rain and cloud cover we, too have been having around here.