Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Rabbits Have a New Salad Bar

Damn bunnies, I love them but was not pleased to discover they had eaten all but two of the green bean seedlings and put quite a hurting on the pea population. I put down some dog hair through out the preferred 'buffets' along with some pieces of reflective tape. Hopefully this will deter the little beasts. I jinxed myself the other day by telling someone I have been fortunate to not have Peter Freakin' Cottontail ravaging my garden. On a good note there have been lots of beneficials hanging around the garden lately. Big Daddy Long Legs have set up shop in the potato bed, Mr. Snake has been lounging in shady nooks, and best of all these nice beetles have made it their personal mission to rid my eggplant of aphids. Here are a couple of pics:


Erin said...

Holy crap, Kelly! What kind of snake is THAT?? It's huge! I freak on all snakes here since we have water moccasins, and we killed a copperhead under the kids' slide last summer!! The only big non-poisonous we have here is a rat snake, and they look like moccasins sometimes so they get the shovel too!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to you! Stinks you get to play house all day. I know they become less exciting as we get older...hope you bought yourself a fab present! LOL, the snake wasn't that big- but my husband had the same response. It was about finger thick. I love snakes though certainly not the poisonous kinds in my yard, that would put me over the edge! Good thing the snakes of MA are generally harmless. Is it common to see copperheads in your area? YIKES!!!

Erin said...

LOL...the pic looks like a massive rattler or something! Water Moccasins (or Cottonmouths, as some call them) are a little more common than the copperhead here, which sucks since they are really aggressive. It's the only snake I can think of that doesn't try to get out of the way when the hear you coming! We passed 2 in the canoe and they saw us and started swimming TOWARDS us!! Since we had kids I tend to kill first, then ID the poor snake! Thanks for the birthday wishes!