Friday, June 19, 2009

S. Dartmouth Farmer's Market Bounty

Just came home from our farmer's market adventure. It involved me getting twisted around (even with GPS), two dogs ( one of which sat on the horn for a 20 seconds straight as I was unloading 2 kids into traffic and required 2 e-collar/cone repairs (she was just spayed)), and lots of sticky strawberry fingers that were not happy with the lack of wipes and thought is was fun to shred the lettuce leaves the whole way home. Ahh, serenity.

I did manage to fill my basket with some good eats:

  • 12 oz bag locally made Fig & Nuts Granola, $6.50

  • head of lettuce, $2.50

  • pint of the juiciest strawberries I have seen all season, $3.00

  • approx. 1/2 pound of peas, potted rosemary (frost tolerant variety), potted pineapple sage, $9.00

  • Caramelized Onion Focacia loaf, $6.00

S. Dartmouth Farmer's Market Grand Total: $27.50. I have to frequently remind myself that I am paying for quality from these vendors and that this food will nourish my family. I have never been one to skimp on food quality, but eating on a more local scale is definitely more expensive- like $7.oo/lb heirloom tomatoes and $6 breads. There was a farmer with lamb and beef products today, breakfast sausage was $8 pound; also live lobsters, the best value there for sure. My little man was quite ticked we didn't bring home any "lobbas"- but I explained Big Mama was out of cash, maybe next week.

I may check out Fairhaven tomorrow, I have decided I am going to skip my town's market this year, I have just not been that impressed in the past.

On another note, our ice cream/frozen yogurt/sorbet maker came today and I had two VERY excited kids who couldn't wait to open box. We got to some ice-cream making straight away only to realize the tub needs to be frozen first. So, the strawberry ice-cream to-be is in the fridge waiting patiently to be churned into some creamy, sweet goodness.


Erin said...

can't wait to hear a review on that ice cream maker! We were out looking today at them, but I wasn't able to commit before researching a bit online first :)

Kelly said...

Oh how fun! I picked up a cuisinart from Amazon- I liked the reviews on this model the best. I will let you know how it comes out and give you the model info if you are interested.

annab said...

Hi. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, we are moving websites, so the kohlrabi recipes from Prairieland CSA are at

Sorry for any inconvenience.

-Anna Barnes, Coordinator
Prairieland CSA

Kelly said...

Thanks annab, the link has ben updated!