Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden Tour

This first picture is of my blustery back yard, now you can fully understand why my garden is in the front yard.

My messy garden needs some clean-up! As you can see I am still in the 'container planting phase' which is ridiculous considering we are almost into July, darn weather, so pardon the bags of soil, peat pots and containers scattered about. I will post some close ups of the planted containers another day. The kitchen garden is made up of six beds; 4 are constructed with 1x8 cedar boards; 2 are deeper with a combination of 1x boards. How deep you ask? I forget. 12 and 18 inches maybe? I am sure my husband didn't forget since he was lucky enough to rip the boards down to size. (thanks honey!)

The first bed is home to my asparagus (and some peas and milkweed for fun). The second has three rows of tomatoes. There are a handful of basil plants through out along with a row of red onions and 2 rows of cut-n-come again lettuce interplanted.

The third and fourth beds are Cucurbits and Roots. The one in the foreground is divided into 3 sections and contains carrots and herbs; potatoes; carrots and sweet potatoes. The vertical bed behind has cukes, winter squash seedlings, marigolds, and sweet alysum. Some of these seedlings are too small to be seen.

In the fourth bed I have legumes, beans, peppers, onions. the peppers were stuck in to separate the legumes and onions since they do not enjoy being neighbors.

The final bed is the one that gives me trouble. A few plantings of spinach, beets, and chard have been ripped out and started over or replaced with something else. Currently it holds a variety of salad greens, 2 rows drying beans(pole), bush beans, another row of pole beans, zinnias,3 peppers, 1 eggplant and some bunching onions. It's picture can be found below in the last post.


Erin said...

Ah, you beat me to the pics of the garden, lol! Yours looks great, even with the cloudiness! I didn't get any photos due to our lightning and downpours last night. It looks like the sun is trying to break through this morning, hope so since I am starting to feel like a Seattle gardener this summer, plus wind! I still have containers of plants that are migrating around the yard. I don't think they are ever going to find a spot! Nomadic vegetables...
Is your backyard on a steep grade? It almost looks like it from your picture - I love the idea of the veggies in the front, very European/Potager of you!
Here's a good one - the word I just had to type in for post verification was "sadism" ????!!!!!

Kelly said...

Go figure (on the sadism). The house sits up about 4 or 5 feet grade wise from our way back yard, which is wooded wetlands but it is ground entry/exit through the basement. Yeah, the pictures and the post were my big project yesterday- lazy rainy day. Luckily it was more wind than rain (unlike today) so I was able to run out and take some quick pictures.