Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Update

Here is a recent harvest of lettuce, peas, tomatoes, cukes, and squash. This is starting to be a typical day of picking for me which is very cool.

I am deliberating over whether or not to dig up the rest of my Yukon Gold potatoes yet. This will be my second dry day in a row, a rarity these days. Scattered T-Storms are in the forecast over the next week. If I have late blight and don't know it, leaving them in the ground for another week or two would be beneficial. Will all this wet weather encourage them to rot if I leave them be?

I think some of my peppers are ready for harvest. The Joe NuMex variety is to be picked while small and green I believe.....but I am not even positive that is the variety I am talking about. They have grown quite a bit since I took this picture. Maybe they are the Carmen Sweet Peppers?? Little fingers removed all my markers. Edit: Joe E. Parker is an Anaheim chili.

I have a few baby eggplant growing, very exciting stuff! (I think I now know why it is called an 'egg-plant'!)

The green beans and zucchini are there for picking every now and again. I ripped out most of the beans since they were ridden with blight (pictured below). Most of them were laying on the soil, not climbing the trellis as they should have been.....the heirloom varieties are just not holding up as well for me. The good news is the other bean patch is disease free so far (me knocking on wood).

Here is a close-up of the first dahlia to bloom. I put the tubers in the perimeter of the asparagus bed which seems to working out so far, the asparagus is holding them up!


Erin said...

Nice that you are still getting lettuces from the garden. We are having a week of "normal" temps right now in the 90's and humid, but if it goes back to the way it has been, I can probably get my fall planting of lettuce in a little sooner this year. Those look like Thai Yellow Eggplant? I have those too, but haven't harvested yet. My friend's mom said the yellow are the best eggplant she has ever tasted! And how is that asparagus bed? I remember your original post, very informative! I just don't think (hope, lol) that I will still be in this house a few years from now so I balked at putting it in.

Farmgirl Susan said...

What beautiful bounty! I actually leave my potatoes in the ground and they store beautifully. I dig them up as I need them and then make one final harvest of whatever's left just before the ground starts to freeze in the fall. I lose one or two to bugs, but I often also end up with a second new potato crop as well! :)

Kelly said...

Erin, I don't think that variety is an option...it was "A Chef's Delight" mix with Applegreen, Rosa Bianca, Millionare Hybrid, and Snowy Hybrid seeds all mixed together. I have 5 plants growing so it is a mystery as to what I will get!

Thanks Farmgirl, I will leave them be then! (And it was exciting to see a new person post, I am a little geeky over my blog, lol.)

Kelly said...

Sorry, forgot to answer that asparagus question... the bed seems to be doing quite well. New spears were still being sent up as recently as a couple of weeks ago, it is too thick for me to see in there at the moment thanks to all the heavy rain knocking the tall furry things sideways. There are probably lots weeds needing my attention! (I really hope you get your asparagus bed someday- or should I say someyear soon Erin!)

Michelle said...

Hi! I popped over from the link on your comment at my blog...and I'm so glad that I did! I love the photo of the Dahlia...they are one of my favorites. And the eggplant photo...now it makes perfect sense! I always wondered about that...!

Kelly said...

Hi Michelle, I am glad you stopped over too! Dahlias are gorgeous aren't they?