Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Three Dogs

A blogger friend and fellow dog lover had asked for me to post a picture of my dog sometime. We were talking about herders in one of her posts (here). So, these are the four legged members of our family.......this one is for you Erin!

This first one is my little girl Ivy. She had her first birthday this Spring. People told me I was crazy for getting a puppy when I had a one year old to watch over. I figured the house is already baby(and therefor puppy) proofed so why not? We weren't looking, it just kind of happened. I carry a lot of guilt for buying a puppy this time around (as opposed to rescuing), but she is wonderful with the kids and my daughter just adores her. Ivy LOVES water, harassing her brothers, and jumping around like a bouncy ball.

This next one is Travis. He was a rescue and came to us when he was 18 months old. He is getting to be an old bird (7 to be exact) and enjoys hunting furry things, chasing squirrels and rides in the truck, so much so that he refuses to be left inside when we head out and will sometimes feel so strongly about coming along that he will lay behind my rear tire so I can not leave with out him. He sleeps with my daughter and is one stinky, stinky beast. Oh, and he is also in charge of the 'Neighborhood Watch'.

Lastly we have Andy. He is also a rescue and my first dog as a "grown-up", the one that all future dogs will have to live up to. He is an extremely neurotic creature and shadows me where ever I go. This boy never barked (as in we had never heard him, even once) until I became pregnant with our first child. He has been my protector ever since. To the best of any one's knowledge he is a Border Collie and Nova Scotia Duck Toller mix, an escape artist, and loves to do nothing but be with his people. He has a freakish quality of not needing to be bathed, ever, and is estimated to be 11-13 years old.


Erin said...

cute Andy's face! I was just walking out the door to go camping in Cape Hatteras...glad I checked the computer the doggies!!

Erin said...

Just got back from camping and had to show my husband the photos of the dogs, lol! I love the line about Andy being the one to set the bar for all other first dog "as an adult" was a lab mix that lived to be 9 years old and she is the one who set the dog standards around here! My younger Aussie mix also shares that quality of not needing a bath! I give her one when the other one needs it, but she always smells good...even after camping, lol! All your dogs looks happy to have landed with your family, and I have found that 2 or 3 dogs seems to be no more work than one... (unlike kids, lol!) - just more $$$$ !

Kelly said...

That is too funny about the bathing thing, I wonder what makes that so??

I notice that there is always a dog under foot, and the $$ is definately the worst part about owning multiple dogs. I think in the future I will try and stick to 2. I dream of getting a Great Dane someday, and they of course are more like a horse than a husband has been telling me "no!" all these years, but some day I will break him and get my way,lol.

I hope you had a good time camping!