Sunday, July 19, 2009

Second Sowing

This weekend the peas were ripped out and some root vegetables were sown. The peas were still producing rather well but I have some succession sowings that are ready to be harvested so that made the decision easier. I picked up two new carrot varieties, Burpee's Short n' Sweet and Petite n' Sweet; both are recommended for growing in small spaces and heavy soils. I also sowed some Golden Beets. I went through all of my Chioggia seeds with out getting one beet, hopefully I will have better luck this time around.

I pulled another carrot today out of curiosity and was very happy to see that it was perfectly straight (I thought to take a picture after I had eaten a few bites).

We also built the grape trellis, but more on that later. This gorgeous creature was hanging around while I was ripping out the peas.


Erin said...

yay for the carrots! Who would have thought something so plentiful at the store could be so finicky?!!

Ruralrose said...

Don't you just look dragon flies, they aren't here yet, usually the middle of august. I play with them too, they are so responsive your pictures are great too. Peace for all