Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Known Garden Truths

There are some things I have been thinking about lately, some common facts that were just not known to me until this year of gardening. Some little known garden truths to this newbie, certainly of no surprise to all of you:
  1. Tomato stalks get some serious girth. Totally not expecting 'tree trunks' from a tomato plant.
  2. Beneficial insects really will come in and be garden super-heroes if one is patient and waits.
  3. Hybrid produce will not allow you to produce it true to form again next year, even if you tried.
  4. Heirlooms have many wonderful qualities, but seed saving is not possible if they cross pollinate or are ridden with disease- and that last bit is throwing a huge wrench in my seed saving plans.
  5. Bugs are sometimes beautiful. We all love butterflies and buzzing bees, but without this garden I would have missed out on seeing all those colorful, oddly shaped, creepy little buggers eating my plants!
  6. Blogging is fun.
  7. Gardeners are wonderful, generous people, and are always willing to teach what they know to others. THANK-YOU!

(P.S.- Reading other people's blogs has become my new past time, those novels are getting pretty dusty on the night stand. There is a search option in the right margin of this blog and it is pretty cool if I don't say so myself, so give it a whirl. Type in "pepper" or "rain" and see where it leads you.....the results will be provided at the top of the page in a number of categories including this blog (not so exciting), links referenced in this blog (which means yours or other's garden blogs), and 'The Web'. I never remember its there and continue to leave this page when looking for more information, DUH!?! Hopefully writing about it here will change that.)


Erin said...

I know what you mean about the books! I really need to make more time to read them, since I love it so much and have a stack of books waiting! It's just so easy to read blogs since they are interesting and easy to do quickly and return later, lol!

Beegirl said...

Know what you mean about the heirlooms. Our heirloom tomatoes aren't going to make it this year. There goes my seed saving plans too.. bummer..

Kelly said...

Oh thats too bad, I hope you have better luck next year.