Monday, July 13, 2009

Pickles It Is!

I was surprised to find another handful of cukes ready for picking over the weekend so I whipped up a batch of refrigerator pickles tweaking the recipe just a bit to suit my tastes. SO EASY! And it turns out you just scrub away those nasty spines. I started out with a potato brush but that wasn't cutting it, so next I tried a popsicle stick (just happened to be there) and it turned out to be the perfect tool, go figure. I can't wait to try these bad boys, but I should probably leave them to soak for a few days first.
Well, leaving them to sit before tasting is no longer an option since after taking this photograph I grabbed a fork and had a warm pickle. I am a little embarrassed to show my lack of patience, but no regrets. Even when warm it was a tasty pickle. Very sweet with a bit of tang.
On a side note I planted more pole beans and carrots this weekend. The beans went in a raised bed and on a straw bale. The straw bale was originally planted with melons but critters took care of those for me. I am beginning to wonder if I will get one darned melon out of all those seedlings I planted.


Erin said...

Good for you on planting more carrots...I have been meaning to do that since mine came out 2 months ago, lol! My pickles didn't sit long either, by that evening one of the small pint jars was empty! They were awesome even after only a few hours! I ended up just using what I had from the garden, some garlic, dill and vinegar for the pickling liquid and chucked the recipe! I just opened another jar that was mixed cukes and carrots, and after 3 weeks the carrots are just as crunchy as ever so I think pickled carrot sticks are my new favorite!

Kelly said...

That does sound interesting (pickled carrots), I am thinking I have had slices before but sticks sound like a great idea. Are you canning your or just leaving them in the fridge?

Erin said...

so far just refrigerator pickles. I mix them with my cukes. All I had one day was 3 cukes and the remainder of my carrots, so I just cut them all the same length and mixed them with fresh dill in the jar, added the liquid and done! (I use the small pint jars since my cukes are little - so it doesn't take many to make a batch of 4 or 5 jars)