Sunday, July 19, 2009

Potato Blight and The Great Gatsby

For eight years we have been spoiled by going to a yearly dinner at the Rosecliff Mansion in Newport RI. Many people are familiar with the ballroom since it was used to film scenes for the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby, The Betsy, High Society, True Lies, and Amistad. The structure and grounds are so grand, and truly amazing...this year I finally brought my camera along to capture a few photos:

The faces of these ceiling medallions (top right) have always creeped me out a little, they surround the perimeter of the ballroom so you are always being 'watched'.

One of the many beautiful statues of the grounds.


A rarely taken photo of husband and wife (one out of eight years isn't bad right? LOL)!


On to the nasties. Still not sure if this is late blight.

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Kelly said...

I forgot to add in the post that the leaves themselves are fuzzy, so the texture you see on the dead parts of the leaves appears to be natural, not spores of fungus....but I could be totally wrong. HELP!