Monday, July 20, 2009


Something ate my grape's leaves, stripped three-quarters of the vine clean. Must be rabbits. Or mice. This plant has been in it's nursery pot inside my garden waiting to be planted for waaay too long and it was untouched. Yesterday we FINALLY built the trellis and planted the darn thing......the horror!

That was of coarse the longest vine, the one I was planning on keeping and turning into the main stem come next year. @!*#@ * rodents. Guess I should have tied it up last night instead of propping it off the ground with a pot.


Thomas said...

That's awful! Who knew bunnies liked grape leaves???
I'm a fellow MA gardener who happened to stumble across your blog and noticed that your profile read a lot like mine. I wonder how many other people out spend years wishing they could garden! It was very nice of your husband to build you a square foot garden. Maybe next year, you can convince him to rip out the entire front lawn!

Kelly said...

Hi Thomas, welcome! I don't know if you can tell much by the pictures, but our "lawn" is mostly clover, lol. This is fine by me, keeps the bees and bunnies fed. Nice husband has already volunteered to expand my garden next year.....problem is I am running out of footage with full sun. Do you have a garden blog? How are things growing for you this year?

Thomas said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for checking out my blog! And thanks for your reassurance! Our growing season here is so short and since this will be my first real veggie garden, I really don't know what to expect.
I feel your pain when it comes to shade. There's only one spot in our new half acre yard that seems to get full sun. though I heard "vertical" gardening is becoming the next big thing. If you can't expand out, expand up! :)