Monday, August 3, 2009

Bird and Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden is in full gear. The coneflowers have really filled in this year, you can barely see the turtlehead and aster growing in between, and the birdbath is completely hidden from view. Things are getting a little wild in there, maybe next year I will add to the chaos and scatter some wildflower seeds and see if anything manages to take hold. The milkweed seeds I sowed months ago in the kitchen garden never came to fruition. Oh well, better luck next year I guess.
For some reason I can not keep a butterfly bush alive in my yard. I have planted four bushes, in two different spots, in two different years. What gives? Aren't these things known for being hard to kill? And invasive? Some species are banned in Massachusetts. (In a covert operation some buddleia may have been delivered to an out of State address and smuggled across the border, and maybe they were planted in my garden, maybe.) Why go to all this trouble for the darned things to not come back the next year? Ah butterfly bush, the thorn in my side.

So tell me, what do the butterflies flock to in your garden?


Daphne said...

I've got coneflowers too, but the butterflies seem to like my herb flowers the best. The cilantro seems to be every pollinators favorite.

Erin said...

Every butterfly bush I have planted died! And they are supposed to be native here. However, my butterfly garden thrives nonetheless! I have: coneflower, lots of fennel, oregano, dill, parsley along with gaura and lots and lots of sage, but that's mostly for the hummingbirds! yours looks terrific!

Kelly said...

I didn't do the parsley this year since it is growing in my kitchen garden, but its funny that I never see butterflies on my herbs. For me the turtlehead is their favorite.

Erin, I can't believe you have trouble with the butterfly bush too, what is wrong with us?!? What is guara?

My hummers love the bee balm, if I go near it to pick some mint for tea or weed they buzz my tower, lol.

Erin said...

Kelly, check this link for gaura:
The remind me of alpine flowers, but won't be hardy in your area. They are marginally hardy here. The last ones I had were perennial for 3 years and died, just planted new ones this year.