Thursday, August 27, 2009

Potato Scurf; CSA Share

I think I have the above pictured diseases (courtesy of Michigan Potato Diseases)on my potatoes. The Yukon Gold tubers had some occasional Black Surf for sure. (Otherwise known as Rizoctonia Canker.) A couple of the Red Cloud spuds that were pulled up yesterday have both Black and Silver Scurf.

This is a bit frustrating since it is the first time potatoes have been grown in the soil (at least in my garden), and I purchased certified seed potatoes. The good news is that it is generally a cosmetic problem only, though yields can be reduced. I am thinking the rest of the potatoes may need to be dug and stored as frozen mashers to limit any further disease spread. I think the disease will unfortunately remain in the soil for years to come which is problematic in my otherwise shallow square foot gardening beds.

Is it time to try making some of those frozen chunks of mashed taters? Mm Hm I think it is!

(B.T.W., those Red Clouds are as good as Moose Tubers claimed them to be: Red Cloud red skin, white flesh What a joy to dig Red Cloud as lots of intensely red tubers emerge! Snow-white flesh, a little drier than most reds, makes the most marvelous fluffy mashed potatoes. Named after the great Oglala Sioux chief who lived in Nebraska and South Dakota. Highly resistant to scab, resists early blight and hollow heart, heat stress and drought. Very long dormancy for exceptional storage. Medium-sized spreading plant with dark violet flowers. Very limited supply; order early. 7390 Red Cloud organic, 21/2# $8.00; 5# $13.00; 20# $45.00)
Yesterday's CSA 1/2 Share from Silverbrook Farm:
  • 2 zucchini (small)
  • 2 apples
  • 1 lb potatoes (3 large)
  • 1/2 lb onions
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 3 ears of corn
  • 1/3 lb pursulane (we left that one behind)

Not even close to $17.00 worth of produce in my opinion. Yet another pet peeve of mine, when I ask what variety something is ( for example, potatoes) they don't know the answer 80% of the time. AARRGG!! Once again, the fruit is the best part. I don't even want to eat the apples, then I won't be able to smell them anymore!!! (Me singing)....Apple season is coming, apple season is coming. 8)


Erin said...

Interesting about the potatoes! I have never seen a picture of the canker, so now I now what to look for. I hear you on that CSA, lol ... 2 apples??? Kind of sounds like they got greedy and sold too many shares...

Ruralrose said...

procuring quality seed is the weakest link in my (and dare i say, anyone's garden) - i agree it probably came in on the potato you planted. It is painful when we are trying to be natural and live a natural life and the profiteers take advantage of this. Three years ago I ordered $200 in seed and they didn't arrive at all, 2 years ago I got seed which didn't germinate. This year I shelled out $3.50 for certified organic seed and that had problems too. I have leeks growing with the onion, peppers with the tomatoes, and parsnips with the carrots as well as many little plants I have yet to identify. Obviously everything cross pollinated and the the seller didn't care. Good thing they are not hybrids, well maybe that is a faint hope looking back, and I can save the seed for next year. Sorry about your soil. Peace for all

Ruralrose said...

after reading Erin's post I understand what a csa is - egggaads you are getting burned from both sides - can you imagine the poor woman who has started securing food for her family - the climb to the top is steep and slow good thing you are already moving - peace for all

Thomas said...

Yikes! I know it's been a rough growing season and all but I could eat all of that in one sitting! Sorry to hear about he potatoes. Maybe next year, you can grow them in pots. Here is a great link on that very subject!
Also, I had to offer you a special THANKS in my latest post!

Kelly said...

Thomas, I will check out your link, thanks! I plan on growing Red Pontiacs in bins or straw stacks next year.

Rose, what horrible service, and luck with those seeds. I have been very fortunate in that department so far, only a couple of packets where flops.

Thomas said...

Kelly, I am DEFINITELY going to check out NOFA! This sounds awesome! Also, I would love to do some seed swapping. Maybe I CAN grow chard this year after all. Let me know what you're interested in. You can email me at