Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yes, bulbils I say. Did you know that bulbils are the economic way to grow those garlic cloves? Turns out if you leave a garlic scape be it will stretch out and grow a flower-like top made up of all these bulbil things. Then, one can save and plant these bulbils in the fall and patiently wait....

If you planted bulbils, they will not form any stalks. Instead they will have several grass-like leaves up to a foot long, which will die back in July. This is the time to harvest the rounds! What you will find is marble- to golfball-sized rounds that resemble small onions in that they are not divided into cloves. These rounds may be eaten like garlic cloves or saved to plant again in the fall. If planted, they will then give you regular garlic bulbs the following year - WHO KNEW!?!?
Click here for a beautiful slide show of bulbils, you really don't want to miss it!

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Ruralrose said...

every plant is as different as every animal - it is beyond fascinating - ain't life grand? peace for all