Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Little Garden Housekeeping

Today has been a great day out in the garden. After the many inches of rain we received yesterday courtesy of Danny, it was a perfect time to rip out the weeds and the less than stellar performers. But most importantly I was a SVB serial killer, and proud of it! I squished at least twelve of these suckers. They had finally taken up residence in my zucchini. The plants are now destroyed, but I was happy to sacrifice a few developing squash for the pleasure of hunting those borers down. YUCK!

Today's sowings:
  1. Sugar Ann Peas - 55 days; I sowed these in the cucurbit bed where I had ripped out cukes and marigolds, mostly for their nitrogen fixing services. If I get peas out of it even better!
  2. Bright Lights Swiss Chard - Chard can be harvested at 'baby' size about 5 weeks after germination and is somewhat cold tolerant.
  3. Napoli Carrot - 58 days; A cold tolerant, early carrot variety. These will hopefully overwinter under a thick layer of hay and plastic or row cover.
  4. Red Russian Kale - Overwinters easily, hardy to 14 degrees F; These should have ideally been sown in early August but I just didn't have the room. I will cover the seedlings with row cover before any frost is predicted, and keep them that way through the winter. May be harvested as early as 60 days after sowing; frosts improve flavor.
  5. Rouge D'Hiver Lettuce - 28-58 days; Cold tolerant red romaine type lettuce, should germinate in soil temps as low as 40 degrees F.
  6. Renegade Spinach - I have had no luck with direct sowing spinach all season, but since spinach seeds should used the same year they were purchased I figured I would give it another go!

(edit: Almost forgot, I took seeds from the nasturtiums and marigolds for next year. It was a rediculously easy thing to do (and free), so I hope they will germinate!)


Michelle said...

Good job! I really want a fall/winter garden but I am just so wiped out lately that the thought of getting out there in this heat just does not sound good. It's suppposed to cool off this week...maybe I'll get my behind out there and PLANT!

Michelle said...

and ps...good for you for getting those UGLY bugs...eewwww!!

Thomas said...

Hi Kelly! I just emailed you back. Sorry it took me so long to reply! I left the asian greens off my list since you don't like them. haha.

Yikes, I don't like the looks of that SVB! My he rest in peace.

Thomas said...

Also, I checked out the NOFA website. Very cool! The row cover is like 40% cheaper than Johnny Selected Seeds.

Erin said...

My Swiss chard didn't germinate...I planted it 3 weeks ago and it was still super hot. I am going to give them another week since it just cooled off today, and then I guess try and replant the seeds if nothing happens! You did remind me to get my spinach out there soon!