Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bean Bugs, CSA, and Sunflowers

I have been picking these fuzzy things off my beans by the dozen. May be time for some spray action.

The first sunflower, "Bashful", a dwarf variety from Johnny's Seeds. Next year I will be sure to buy some with more color to add to the mix in the whiskey barrels. These are in with the nasturtium and winter squash, described here in an older post.
CSA pick-up yesterday, I haven't been keeping up with my weekly records here.... the share has been a let down the last couple of weeks though it was better this time. I don't know that I will be doing a share at this farm next year, though I will consider doing one elsewhere. Last week my basil was bad the day after pick-up, and I have the same problem with other items in the past. The last two pick-ups were coming in at a $14.00 value at market by my calculations, way under the $19/week average I pay for the season......AND they charge you their market price for any extras you pick-up, so much for a share-holder's discount. The positives have been good tasting berries and a nice variety of produce (not all greens, kale, etc..)
Today's share:
  • pint blueberries
  • sm. container cherry tomatoes (1/2 pint?)
  • corn, 3 ears
  • 1 summer squash
  • 1/4 lb greens
  • spring onions, 1 bunch
  • bunch of parsley
  • 1 cuke
  • 3 peaches

Oh, and I made oven-dried tomatoes yesterday with the cherries and plums from the garden. They look yummy, I am really wishing I had a Food Saver right now to pack them for the freezer. I am too lazy (hot) to post a picture right now.


Erin said...

Kelly, those sunflowers are gorgeous, love the color! I did oven dried grape tomatoes last year and they were fabulous! I didn't do much with mine except eat them like raisins for snacking, but you just gave me and idea with hubby when he leaves for deployment in the fall. Poor guy can't take much in the way of garden preserves since he can't stow glass or have freezer access, but he can definitely take anything dried in freezer bags or plastic containers!

Beegirl said...

Interesting comment about the CSA. I've always wondered how much they cost and what you get weekly. Thanks for sharing. Thanks too for stopping by the Burbs!

Kelly said...

Ruralrose- my comments are published right away, but I removed it as soon as I saw it this morning. (thank-you!!)