Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today's Happenings

So today has been interesting. We started the morning off blueberry picking. The farm was perfect- they do p.y.o. raspberries and blueberries, plus raise animals for meat. I had intended on going raspberry picking, but after traveling 35 minutes to get there it was blueberries that were ripe. A bit disappointed, but no big deal. The folks were some of the nicest people I have run into in this type of establishment, DuFort Farms over in Rehobeth.

So off we went with our milk jugs tied around our necks. We were escorted to suggested row and off we went! The kids discovered a cat along the way and that was the end of their picking, but it was just as well since the little one was eating three for every one that went in her jug despite the continuous scolding. We left with 5.5 lbs of blues and just under a pound of breakfast sausage, all for around $22.00- not bad!

This is by far the largest blueberry inventory I have ever had..... 2 quarts went into the freezer, 3 cups will be going into a dessert, Blueberry Galette with Lemon Ice Cream, and I am not sure yet about the rest.

Look at this little piece of gorgeousness! An heirloom dwarf glad from Old House Gardens, Boone maybe?? Anyway, the darlings are so pricey I only ordered one bulb, but it is stunning. I love the blue pollen against the red.

I came to the realization tonight while making bread and butter pickles that I made a crucial error when making the zucchini pickles. I taste tested one while still warm and found it unappealing and salty. Yeah, that's because the pickling salt that was meant to only be used in a water soak went into the liquid pickling mixture instead. OOPS! Not sure if this will affect the whole acidity balance for storage/spoilage.....hoping not! After perusing more recipes they will taste more like a dill (which I can only stomach while preggers), luckily it was only 1/4 pickling salt for something like 6 pints of pickles. Should I chuck these babies or risk food poisoning, lol!?!


Erin said...

Yum! You have reminded me to get out there for the blueberries before they are gone!

Beegirl said...

Hey - NIce blueberries! I've been keeping track and I think we just hit 82 pounds so far this year. Dad picked another 3 pounds today! They are finally starting to look like the bushes may be finishing for the year! Hope you enjoy your berries!