Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's Garden Buzzz

The muskmelon vines are finally starting to run. This is the horse manure compost pile experiment....still male flowers only from what I can tell. Four varieties of the melon seeds I planted were 75-80 day varieties (Green Nutmeg, Early Silverline, Noir des Carmes and Savor Charentais); the other, Eel River takes 90-100 days to mature. Back on May 25 I did a Melons and Beans Post (here) on the compost pile and dog kennel sowings/transplants. Here we are 81 days later, no melons in sight. Some sowings were seeds, others were seedlings 4-6 weeks old at the time of transplant. WTF?!? The only female flowers I have seen are on the 2 plants in a container- WAY past the 75-80 days (photo below). These were transplants and are running up the kennel walls.....maybe the plastic mulch has made the difference in these two vines? I don't see how I will get any ripe fruit which is so dissapointing seeing that I sowed 5 varieties of melons, I was really looking forward to homegrown melons.

Female blossom on mystery melon vine.

Acorn Squash, the only variety setting fruit thus far. Other varieties are baby Blue Hubbard, Bush Delicata, and Butternut.
(All squash varieties are 90 days out from planting.)

I have been watching my eggplants flower, hoping I would get a purple or green variety out of some of the seedlings. The seed packet I purchased was a mix of four varieties, and the first three plants to set fruit have all produced white eggplants. I am quite excited to finally have a purple one growing, YES! Notice the variation in leaf vein color in the plants year I will just check the color in the leaves as this seems to indicate the color of the fruit (and thus variety). Mystery solved!-well not completely since I still don't know what the green ones would look like. Sigh.

The true BUZZZZZ around the garden......

Lastly, a sure sign that Fall is just around the corner:
Sedum getting ready to bloom.

On that note, have a great weekend everyone, we plan on perfecting our 'beach bum' act!


Erin said...

Great pics today! Have fun at the beach...that will be us next weekend when hubby gets back, if it ever stops raining, that is!

Michelle said...

Isn't it so amazing about the eggplant leaf veins? This whole gardening thing is so cool! Can't wait to see what that mystery melon turms out to be! Have a great time at the beach...hope it's warmer than when we went!

Kelly said...

Thanks ladies, yesterday was the PERFECT beach day, warm water, slight breeze, happy kids playing in the water. Hopefully we will be heading out soon again today, trying to get some canning and yardwork done...the day is slipping away!

Ruralrose said...

Your pictures are impressive, you must be a photographer in "real life", thanks for sharing they make my heart sing! Peace for all

Alison said...

It was a long cold spring...and a long cold summer. Looks like your garden is doing relatively well though. Beautiful pics. :)